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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Portfolio Year 3

Visual Development for Grandfather's Ship (3rd year film).
Character Designs


Color Script

Prop and set building

2nd Year Film

Other Design Work
Character Designs

Bear Designs

Old Men

Shane and Shannon Design Challenge: Vampires
I decided to design my vampires as Greaser Vampires.
Instead of having knife fights, they would fight with stakes.
There is a great deal of shadow play with vampires to help illustrate emotion and character like in Nosferatu, and Bram stoker's Dracula. I carried over that idea into the cigarette smoke.
Greasers are so vain; they are always looking in mirrors and adjusting there hair, so what would be more frustrating then a greaser with no reflection.

Robot Chicken

I worked for the summer of 2010 as a set intern at Shadow Machine. This job included revamping and repairing old sets, building props, and helping dress new sets. Here is some of the work I did on the show. As episodes air, I will put more up.

Penny is there for scale


I made those pendents on the wall, and the rubber chicken on the shelf.

I painted the cave drawings on that skin in the background

I dressed this set with all the moss in the rocks, and on the pillars and fixed up the grass on the hills.

I made all the snow in these shots:

Stop Motion

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